About me…

My journey began in Ahmenabad – in central India. There was a power cut in the hospital when I was born so candlelight lit up my first glimpse of planet earth. It’s been 25 years since and I’ve had the privilege of visiting and living in many different countries – mostly in Europe. I have a German Dad and an English Mum who took me along on their adventurous lives of change and travel and humanitarian work. I’m a third culture kid (I’m still learning about what that means). I was born with the idea that the world is BIG.

At the moment I’m studying English and Creative Writing in Aberystwyth; a charming student town on the rugged West coast of Wales. The changing colours, tides and winds of the Irish sea are a constant source of creative inspiration. There is a refreshing lack of snobbishness, exclusivity, materialism and people running around looking stressed (even amongst fellow students). There is a lot of friendliness and a sense of community. As one man put it; ‘Aberystwyth is laid back Britain.’

I am an aspiring editor and journalist – interested in travel, culture, people and generally the wonders and beauties of the world around me. I’d like to write for and about those who don’t have a voice and need to be heard. I’d like to write about those who have contributed to the world who have something to say that needs to be said. I’d like to write prose and poetry that will carry you away from the present and into another world.

My journey of discovery…to remember a simple pleasure that young children know and adults forget. The joy of discovery.


2 thoughts on “About me…”

  1. Impressive outlook and aspirations. With all that and a little luck, you will go quite far. Best wishes!

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