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 Getting to know Brighton Pier

Getting to know Brighton Pier

Hello dear blog readers,

My Welsh journey has come to an end for now. After a busy final year as an English lit and Creative Writing undergrad in Aberystwyth, I’ve graduated and have opened a new chapter in life as an MA student in Multimedia Journalism in Brighton.

I’ve had to hit the ground running, the start of uni has been pretty full-on. I found out that my course is one of the most intense MA courses at Sussex uni. But, I’m told it will all pay off – it has a good track record for getting jobs after uni. Multi skilled media workers are apparently what the world needs.

Going multimedia in Brighton is a major change after three years in that charming little Welsh coastal town, and I sometimes find myself prone to bouts of nostalgia. The Aberystwyth coast and sunsets are unforgettable. But I take comfort in knowing that I soaked up as many of them as I could – running out of the house at dusk to watch the sky transformed and the starlings flying above the pier. Despite the busy schedule and the constant need to practice shorthand, I’m determined to enjoy this new part of the ride. Life is about maximising every experience and this MA is taking me a step closer to my dreams. – My vision for the future.

So in keeping with my course, I’m going to Multimedize this blog and have fun showing you all around Brighton and the MA student life in Sussex.

Click on the link below for my first ever self-edited video filmed on the Brighton Pier!


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