That little place…

I still feel very privileged to have spent three happy years in that far-removed little place with a name not many people know of or can pronounce. After three years in Aberystwyth, the Welsh coast and its people will always remain a big part of my heart. Moving to Brighton has reminded me of just how warm, friendly and kind the Welsh are – something that can be easy to take for granted after a while. That coastal student town is a stunning remote place where the cares of the rest of the world are quickly forgotten, its warm sense of community extends to and engulfs everyone in it. Now I will stop here before l let my Aber nostalgia go on unchecked and just let the pictures speak for themselves:



P1020284P1020315This is how the Hurricane Katrina leftovers hit the Welsh Coast

P1020317P1020304Aber’s ‘stone henge’ – it’s the only stone henge in the world that’s inside castle ruins



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